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As South-East Asia’s leading face-to-face marketing company, we empower bright individuals like you and send them on a path to a successful career.

We train people like you to help our clients strenghten their brand & market share.

Vision Org. aspires to be the top sales & marketing firm that grooms sales elites, to represent leading companies’ products & services with pride, confidence & conviction.

We serve diverse clients.

Ranging from the energy industry all the way to the NGOs, we cover it all! It is no feat for us to sell or promote anything under the sun. We represent our clients with pride, and are result-driven.

Local Electricity Retailers
Local Telcos
Local & Int.

Not just programs, life journeys.

Coaching Curriculum
Because we believe in effective coaching through good communication, credibility, competence, respect and development, we have constructed a system where individuals can learn how to explain ideas clearly, set defined goals, giving direct feedback and reinforcing the key messages.
Open Platform
We are flexible and welcome any learning styles! Individuals can freely access avenues that allow you to create your own learning structure, modified and customised to your own style. Our team has chosen to adopt a non-hierarchical structure in order to encourage innovation and welcome fresh new ideas even from newly-joined individuals!
Entrepreneur Mindset
Strong cultivation of being resilient, resourceful, and solutions-oriented, as we appreciate a team culture of lifelong knowledge-seekers who are curious and creative.
Overseas Learning Experience
International experience can help you discover your strengths and weaknesses and develop life skills such as communication, decision-making and social interaction in a different light. It's taking the skills harnessed locally, to a foreign setting, with added versatility and readiness.

Training plans tailored to you.

Regardless of where you are in your career, we have a training program that is right for you.


Learn the
dynamics of Sales

  • Improve communication skills
  • Gain hands-on experience
  • Discover your entrepreneurial mindset
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Most Popular
  • Planning & execution
  • Performance  consistency
  • Networking opportunities
  • Coaching & development
  • Travelling & exposure
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  • HR component
  • Financial budgeting
  • Client acquisition and handling
  • Spot  groom talent
  • Overseas expansion
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The best way to learn about us is to hear from our very own talented brand ambassadors!

More than Monetary Gains

Fresh out from university, studied engineering, taking up an outgoing role in face-to-face marketing was probably least expected. Nevertheless, I'm glad to make this huge step as it was more than just monetary gains, but also the privilege to work in different countries and opportunity to engage with entrepreneurs. I have grown increasingly with better social skills and better business acumen over the years.

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June 2016

Everyone is well taken care of

While waiting for my University to start, I took the leap of faith and join a marketing role. Never would I have imagined myself to grow and develop so much more.I was given opportunities to take on different roles like training and spearheading new projects despite my short duration in the company.Vision Org. revolves strongly in their vibrant and team culture, ensuring that everyone is well taken care off.

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Nov 2022

Sense of fulfilment

Being a fresh grad and getting the opportunity to get such exposure in the marketing world, it’s a sense of fulfilment that I am very grateful for. Everything is so new to me, and the support I got to be able to learn and get knowledge on the know-how(s) allowed my creativity juices to flow. I wasn’t reprimanded when things don’t go as planned, instead the company was there to deal with it together with me.

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Nov 2019

I led a team within a year

Coming from a engineering background, I decided to take on a different path as I want something more fulfilling. Not having any experience in sales, I was given time and patience to learn and develop skills. Under the training and mentorship of leaders, I eventually led a team of my own within a year.Coming to office is never going to be dull, from executing plans to organising the next birthday party, we never differentiate ourselves by our titles.

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May 2017

I became more confident in myself

Choosing a marketing role was a big step for me before I continue my studies. Lacking in communication skills, the fear of rejections and handling situations was something that bothers me. Given the opportunity to start with Vision Org. have allowed me to become more confident in myself, being able to see myself guide and lead a team was something I didn’t expect.Working in a close-knit environment have allowed me to improve my social skills and self awareness as well, not forgetting the fun and games we always have to help us ease the stress and tension in work.

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Nov 2022

Vision Org cares about your progress

Coming to my third year with Vision Org. The company’s culture is welcoming, caring and positive. I have a great leader alongside with supportive peers who have gone out of their way to help me when in need. The company truly cares about your progression. They also have many conversations with you about what motivates you to help you achieve your goals! 😊

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Nov 2020

It’s fun going to work

Working in Vision Org has allowed me to understand more about myself and also improve my general knowledge.I have been blessed to be guided to be a much better person of myself. It’s fun going to work and seeing team mates around me grow and achieve their personal goals drives me to do better every time!

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June 2020

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do we do?

We represent internationally renowned clients from South East Asia and beyond, by engaging their targeted audience through face-to-face marketing - bringing out the best experience with every conversation we have with everyone we meet.

How do we help clients to increase their sales revenue?

Through platforms like events, roadshow, B2B etc. We specialise in face-in-face marketing, ensuring through every conversation, we are able to meet the customers' needs and wants. Most importantly, we help clients to create a positive branding through our expertise besides generating new sales.

What’s in it for me?

A fun-filled experience learning how to converse with different type of individuals. As a company we focus on development and personal growth of each individual, through constant upskilling. Of course, if you are able to deliver results in the sales industry, the uncapped income will be attractive.

What do you sell?

We represent clients from different industries. From telcos to banks, some examples will be Internet & Mobile services for homes and businesses, as well as banking services.